How Bleu Are You?

Are you Bleu?

The Blue Stockings Society (bas bleu in the French) was never about footwear. To learn about the history of educated women is to grasp how very recently women have been regarded as intellectual equals on a par with men. A wealthy Englishwoman, Elizabeth Montagu, was the hostess of the Blue Stockings Society, founded by a group of intellectual women in the 1750s. The purpose of the group was literary discussion and snacks. This group was created at a time when such a thing (literary women, not snacks) was still considered quite immodest. Jane Austen was born in 1775, and was certainly familiar with these ladies. Do you suppose it is a coincidence that the bookish heroine of Pride and Prejudice is also named Elizabeth?

Young women today have every opportunity to improve their minds, but not all take advantage of the opportunity. That is why I have created this quiz: “How Bleu are You?”

True or False:

1- When I meet an alarmingly disagreeable man, my first impulse is to engage him in an   intellectual sparring match.   T/F

2- If I meet an attractive man who fails to inspire my intellect, the relationship is a non-starter.  T/F

3- My childhood memories include lots of book time, possibly involving flashlights and blankets.  T/F

4- I have written at least one book, or multiple partial books. They litter my brain kind of like my clothes litter the floor of my bedroom.  T/F

5- Introversion? Yes, I know exactly what that is.  T/F

6- At some point in time, I have actually fallen in love with a fictional character.  T/F

7- At some point in time, I have actually fallen in love with a fictional character that I wrote myself. I mean, if he does not exist in real life, why not make him up?  T/F

8- Books are all over my house and there are a minimum of ten that I can see right now. T/F

9- I like sitting around in my pajamas, reading and drinking hot beverages…a LOT.  T/F

10- I read a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. I sometimes read cereal boxes if I don’t have a book immediately at hand.  T/F

Score: (count number of true responses)

Baby Bleu (score 1-5): You like reading, you are probably pretty smart.

Bas Bleu (score 6-8): You are a literary girl.

True Bleu (score 9-10): You are a heavy hitter among the bluestockings, congratulations!


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