Welcome to my blog, “La Belle Bas Bleu.”

I am Belle*, a high school senior and literary girl. My favorite author is Jane Austen, and I enjoy writing short story romance. I hope to attend college and major in English Literature, followed by an MFA in Creative Writing. I would like to write literary fiction and romance novels in the future.

The title of my blog refers to “Bluestocking,” a term that describes women with literary ambitions. Just for fun, I have posted a photo of my own blue stockings! The red shoes were my own addition. Please take my quiz, “How Bleu are You” and leave a comment with your results. Are you a bluestocking, too?

The purpose of this blog is to tell stories of romance and true love between smart girls and the boys who admire them.  My male protagonists often bear a resemblance to Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, and that is not a coincidence. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Darcy has raised the bar kind of high for me, so sorry guys. If you want to learn how to create a Darcy (or if you want to BE a Darcy—guys, if you want to know what girls like, don’t learn it at 4chan), click here.  Creating Mr. Darcy

I hope I can post some short stories that I write. I also want to invite YOU to submit your short story romance, and maybe I will publish it here! The rules are: The male protagonist has to be D.A.R.C.Y., and he has to admire smart girls. The setting can be anywhere, past, present, or future. No bodice ripping. This is P and P, not 50 Shades.

*NOT my real name, like I said I am an introvert!